Different types of GPS trackers

The different types of GPS trackers

Early 2000s: The first GPS trackers were bulky and limited to vehicle installation. They were expensive to buy and to operate. A GPS trackers was a high-tech and exclusive equipment.

Fast-forward to 2021: The GPS tracker technology has progressed and found its way in a wide range of usages. The hardware is now compact and energy efficient. The real time tracking is very precise while the operating costs are affordable.

The trackers are available in two product ranges:

Personal trackers

These trackers are battery operated, compact and easy to carry. They are ideal to protect vulnerable persons (children, elderly, remote / lone worker…), to be your safety during outdoor and/or sport activities... or to protect your pets.

Real time tracking is an essential feature in case of emergency.

The trackers for vulnerable persons are usually compact and thin. They are easy to place in a pocket without been intrusive to their carriers.

Our trackers for outdoor activities are designed for maximum efficiency during a period of time. Walking, running, cycling, and remote worker… they will fit easily in a pocket, a back pack or even a sock… In case of accident they are perfect to locate accurately the person in trouble.

Pet trackers are the extra security to keep safe you loved pet. They are designed to fit the smallest pet kitten or pup collar.

Asset and vehicle trackers:     

Vehicle trackers are designed to protect your car, van, truck, motorcycle… They can be powered by a build-in rechargeable battery or connected to vehicle battery and not requiring any maintenance. Live and real time tracking will help to locate quickly the vehicle if it is stolen. As for all type of trackers, the vehicle trackers also can be set to trig a notification on your phone for different sort of events: vehicle starting to move, entering or leaving an area…

Asset trackers will help you to protect assets at risk of being stolen. These trackers have a build-in rechargeable battery.  They can track asset movement, transit…

All these trackers are essential to protect persons, assets and vehicles.

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