Case Study: Classic, Vintage and Sports Car Owners. Ireland

We provide a comprehensive range of easy to use tracking solutions in the form of personal, assets and vehicle GPS trackers for real time tracking and monitoring  through the internet. 

Protéger votre voiture ancienne, classique, de sport avec nos traceurs GPS et nos caméras de vidéosurveillance.


Vintage cars, classic cars and sports cars are a passion for those who love them. Whether your preference is for a lovely patina on a weekend car or a cherished renovated show car, you do not want your pride and joy being stolen. And unfortunately these vintage cars, classic cars and sports cars are prime targets for theft as they are worth more as parts than the value of the car itself, and there is a ready market for these parts, no questions asked.

Thieves do their homework, and they’re well aware of the value of these vintage cars, classic cars and sports cars, and know how to select their target.

This is even more of a problem since these classic cars of all types are rarely used daily and can be parked unsupervised for weeks or even months between trips, leaving plenty of time for the thieves to steal them.
The vulnerability of these vintage cars and sports cars is even worse because they’re so easy to hotwire, or load onto a trailer.
Our resources solve these problems perfectly, giving you full security and peace of mind. A GPS tracker will let you know where your car is at all times, and will alert you if it is moved out of your designated area, and wireless CCTV will allow you to remotely supervise your valuable classic cars and sports cars.


Our motto is Security Made Simple. All fun and no fretting.

Our Solution

We have a range of satellite trackers so you can always track your vintage car, sports car or classic car in real time via a smartphone App (both Apple and Android). This app will notify you if your vehicle moves outside your designated location, or goes faster than a designated speed (say, if you lend your car to someone). The GPS trackers can be either hardwired into the car battery, or (even easier to install) using the long-life batteries that tell you when they need recharging. All our trackers are small and discreet for easy concealment.

Live notification on your phone will alert you if the tracker has moved, left a pre-defined area or reach a certain speed (useful if you let your kids or friends borrow your car).

GPS trackers are great for knowing immediately if your car is stolen, and finding it quickly. But prevention is even better than cure, and so we also offer a range of wireless CCTV systems so you can literally keep watch over your precious car. You can manually check in at any time, but these CCTV systems will also notify your phone if a trespasser is detected.

These CCTV systems are quick and easy to install, requiring only a power supply and WiFi (and we can help with the WiFi too) and will record footage for evidence.

Between our GPS trackers and the CCTV you can rest easy knowing your classic car, sports car or vintage vehicle is as safe as can be.

  • Satellite Trackers

    We have a range of satellite trackers.

  • Alerts

    Your tracking device will alert you if your vehicle moves.

  • CCTV Systems

    We have CCTV systems that allow you to keep watch over your vehicle.

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